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The Back to the Future games weren't bad.

While I do believe the "Back to the Future" games by Telltale were good, this post isn't about them. Here's hoping random titles don't become a trend. It would never end.

So the past two days have been mixed. While I've gotten my keyboard set up and I've started writing a song, getting it set up as displaced even more stuff, making the living room difficult to traverse. I'm hoping to have it somewhat sorted by the end of this week. Good news is I've been eating better. Bad news is that this was a snack the other night:

As I mentioned I'm actively writing a song. I doubt that it will be done in time, but I'm hoping to have it as an entry to a recent Homestuck music contest. Who knows, maybe I will actually finish it. The crazy thing is it's entirely piano. No Acid, no samples, no drums, just me and the keyboard. Should be interesting regardless of when and how I finish.

Things have been well in the house, lack of cleaning aside. Aaron and I have managed not to kill one another, and seem to be getting along ok. He recently got late night shifts at his work, so in the remaining week or two that his car is getting straightened out I can easily give him a ride.

One other note: Sugar Shooter 2 came out! I've only completed half of the game, but so far it's fantastic! If you like Touhou, I recommend it. In addition to having the familiar spellcard-type bosses and nice music, there are some really creative bullet patterns. Also, straight from the menu, you can disable everything eroge about it, making it just a great shmup. Hats off to everyone at Dudedle; this is a great title. I'm likely to talk more about it in a separate entry once I've had enough time with it.

Take care and be safe, you guys.