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Ugh... my head... I doubt any of you thought I truly went missing over the past few days. Sadly, I wasn't kidnapped or involved in a high stakes terrorist plot. No, it was just my sleep schedule getting a little off. That and I was being a poor blogger by being lazy. But enough about me; let's talk about me.

Aaron and I are still getting along well, which is good. His room still hasn't gotten properly cleaned up, namely getting the table moved out of there, but he doesn't really mind. I'm just hoping to get the Drummania machine sold, because that'll mean more room for the rest of the house. Traffic here has increased, which has me happy. I wanted the “open door” policy not to get wasted, and lately it hasn't.

IIDX has been getting played a lot more, both by aforementioned traffic and myself. I've had a surge in skills, which has been jokingly attributed to “nerd roids”, but I'm honestly not sure what. I've randomly AAA'ed some 7s and 8s, and I've even sightread A'ed a few 10s. Here's hoping that might actually crack 11s by the end of the year.

I'm still working on that Homestuck song, regardless that the contest has passed by. I'm enjoying the song so far, and I will finish it come hell or high water. I think this could be the start of something nice, in regards to me and music. I still haven't drawn up lesson plans for the beginner piano I'm supposed to be teaching. I wonder what I can do about that. I say this more in regards to being better motivated/disciplined about remembering/doing it.

I went to a special casual format of Magic last night called “universe”. Basically, it starts as a Sealed (you have six boosters all to yourself) but once a week you can open a new pack and add it to your collection. You can also trade with others on a same rarity ratio. What this results in is a nice mix of a limited feel, but the cohesion and planning of Constructed that Sealed just can' provide.

I plan on blogging again either later tonight or tomorrow with some more focused content. But for now, I just needed to update for the sake of updating. Huzzah!

Take care and be safe.