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Tiny ball of anger

Time has passed by. Goddammit. Well, still drawing up my budget and finishing taxes and all that. Right now I'm a tiny ball of anger. Here's why.

A little over 24 hours ago I got a call asking if I wanted to go to A&G Ohio. For free. Hotel, badge, food, everything paid for. Only obligation is that I have to run a few panels, all of which are my choosing.

Fuck. Yes.

So, I drive up to Boston where I'm meeting up with someone else going where we'll get carpooled to New Hampshire for the flight out. Our flight is at 14:00. We get a call at 10:30 saying that "Oh, I can't get Brendan's name on the flight". This asshat was told to make the ticket change last night at 21:00. They only just started trying to get the name change 3 hours before the flight. Their excuse? "Oh, well I thought airports were closed after 9".

So, we're pulling up to the airport when they call us to say they absolutely can't get the ticket transfered to me. So now I'm up in New Hampshire, with my luggage and no car, and the person whose car I'm in? It's their birthday, and they have plans, such as dinner with family. They're super pissed that I'm now stranded with them. I get shuffled off to a stranger's house where I crash until he's all set to take me back to Boston to get my car. Finally at 02:00 I'm back home.

I'm ready to murder this person. Absolutely murder. Ohio has a Bemani scene. There are people I was super psyched to see for the first time, or old people I haven't seen in years. I was thrilled to be running panels for what sounds like a great event. Why am I still in New England? Here's why. This person was an irresponsible and idiotic twat. For context, let me quote some Facebook status updates from this idiot.

"Offering 20 bucks to the person that can take me to work! I am not feeling to good and I overslept and missed the bus, rather not take a taxi.."

" in a relationship with God and Its Complicated."

"I want a wedding.. for myself."

"British Gays are way more fabulous"

Oh, and here are some photos.

I want to punch this man.

Hey John. Grow the fuck up and act like the responsible adult that other adults are counting on you to be. You cost me a whole day and $35 bucks in gas and food. That might not sound like much, but I have both food stamps and mortgage supliments because thanks to my Crohns and anemia, I'm out of work and I've been fighting for disability so I can afford health insurance. That $35 is a LOT to me; about two months spending money because of how small my lifestyle has to be.

Here's hoping you have a great time at the event and don't ruin it for anyone else. Asshole.