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Unsettling choices

So, it looks like the Drummania machine is finally getting sold. This is exciting for two reasons. The more obvious being I'll have money for my bills, and the other being I'll have more free space in the house.

Unfortunately, it seems like this is one of several disappointing decisions I'm making to make ends meet. In addition to selling the DM machine, I'm also selling quite a few Magic cards. I've really been wanting to make my infect deck Modern viable, but I'll need about $160 for the lands I'd need. After going through some cards, it looks like they're worth around $70, which should net a playset of Overgrown Tombs which I need.

So, with the money coming in from the DM machine, I'm thinking of putting 95% of it towards bills, and keeping a small slice for myself. I don't think that's too terrible, is it? I mean, I skipped out on drafting this week, one of the few activities I get out of the house for, simply because of money concerns.

One thing that has caught my eye is this planeswalker courier bag. It seems nice, and I'd like to have a dedicated Magic bag; something to give me a more professional look considering I'm debating entering formal tourney play.

My laptop should be back from repairs soon, which has me excited, more for learning FL Studio and having an easier time updating this blog. Well, here's hoping my enthusiasm can keep up until the laptop returns.

Until then, take care and be safe.