Shinji's Blog

What I'm not doing

For starters, I'm not working. But then again, when you're professionally unemployed, that's to be expected. However, there are some other things I want to discuss, albeit briefly.

I'm not exercising. I can spin this a bit by saying I've gotten into the habit of eating better, and I'm finally drinking V8 instead of tea. However, this doesn't change the fact that I haven't been walking, an easy fix, or using my mom's elliptical. I think I can at least work one of those into the routine this week.

Speaking of routines, I haven't yet made the lesson plan for those beginner piano lessons I'm supposed to be giving to a friend of the family's son. Granted, for the here and now I can't as I don't have access to my computer, but that doesn't excuse the few months prior. It's funny though. Now that I truly can't work on it, it has been on my mind everyday. I think I can keep carrying that torch until my laptop returns.

I'm not looking to return to Cox. I had a lengthy discussion with two of my friends who work there, and apparently things are really going downhill. Tech support is now expected to hit a sales quota every month. This is one of the things I was up in arms about back when I was there, as there were whispers of such a program starting while I was still there. Now that it has actually rolled out, I'm really leary to return, as I absolutely despise sales. As a result, the "writing music" career is looking at more desireable. Here's hoping I can buff my skills fast enough for that.

I haven't not been cleaning. Yes, that's a double negative, and yes, it is intended. Being put to shame by two roommates who've gotten more cleaning done than I have in months is a minor motivator. In the hustle to make space for Azure to sleep in my room, since Matt displaced him, I've confirmed there would be room for a desk for when Alex arrives. However, when Alex does arrive, unless Matt has moved out I have absolutely no idea where Azure would go on the weekends. That's a bridge I'll cross when I get to it.

Until next, take care and be safe.