Shinji's Blog

Marching forward

Yesterday I had a list of things to do. Out of it, I got everything accomplished with only two exceptions. I didn't get to the piano, and I didn't start cleaning that room. However, I think today, given I did all that stuff yesterday, that'll free up enough time so I can adequately get them done. Hurrah.

In the absence of my laptop, I've been using the IIDX machine to play more Dominion online. It's a fantastic card game, and you can play it for free. No ads or anything. Really, you've nothing to lose, so if you like deck building games, such as Magic, or just deep card games in general, give it a spin.

There are whispers that Kat and I might start walking together for exercise. It's an exciting premise, and we're hoping to start tomorrow. Also, last night I burned 800 calories in 45 minutes on the ellipctical. Here's hoping I can equal that output later tonight.

Finally, my laptop is being shipped back from Geek Squad to my local Best Buy, and should be arriving any day. I simply. Can't. Wait. Totally not jonesing for it or anything.

Here's to progress. Take care and be safe, kids.