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Quiet rage gets results

The IIDX machine now has three more songs thanks to a recent DLC update. This has mostly helped me forget that I lost $100. The other recent wound was that I got my laptop back, and it was still having the issue of randomly dropping keystrokes.

So off I return to my local Best Buy. Hoo. Boy.

I meet with Jeff, a Geek Squad rep, and say that while my display issue was fixed, it's still having the keystroke issue. Thankfully, I was able to demonstrate it in about 15 seconds thanks to Notepad. Jeff looks at the results, looks at me, and says that it's something that they're not likely going to be able to fix. As it stands, when the laptop was sent out, the keyboard passed manufacture standards. If they were to send it out again, and found nothing wrong, I'd likely get hit with a fee. I first point to the screen and say "Well, it wasn't fixed. They failed." and then asked for a manager.

Manager Paul trots out, gets caught up to speed, and tries typing "The quick brown fox..." several times, with no issue. I then come back saying that while he typed it fine, he was around 15 words per minute. I'm 75-80 with only one to two errors on average. This brings up discussion again of general wear and tear and the keyboard losing sensitivity. I bring up that laptops should last at least 2-3 years, and it's less than a year old. Also, to hell with what the manufacturer says, as for when I dropped it off initially and picked it up, I was assured that my issue had been resolved. Paul realizes I'm not giving up, and delegates it back to Jeff after reminding me that if it gets resent out and they find it's within manufacturer standards, I'll get charged a fee.

Throughout this process I've asked for two things. One being that my laptop be sent out and return with expedited shipping, so that I'll be without it for less time, or that I be given a replacement. Since it's older than 30 days, an in-house swap/replacement is out, but Jeff says he can upgrade the shipping to the repair center, but says there's no way the repair center will expedite it back. He'll also both include instruction that it occurs with quicker typing and to be more thorough, and he'll also put an escalation on the issue to ensure the extra care happens. He also advises that I call the main Best Buy number and Geek Squad to put some heat on it.

So, I get home and get on the phone with Best Buy, and with less than a minute holding I get connected to Charise in consumer relations and asks what's going on. I relay all the info, from the issue with the laptop to the experience I got, and how I felt what was the point in getting a warranty and being told my issue would be fixed when I then get told "No, it likely won't get fixed and you'll get a fee for trying." She went on to say she'd put a second escalation on it, ensure it had expedited shipping to and from the center, and that the issue would be resolved. Lastly, she apologized for the poor experience that I've had with Best Buy over this, and now a $40 gift card should be arriving in a week.

To Paul and Charise, you were fantastic to work with. You were professional and polite and I feel that you truly did your best to try and make the situation right. Paul, while you did show some professionalism, it wouldn't hurt to at least act like you care. And to Best Buy as a whole, I've still got mixed feelings. This should have gotten done right the first time, but it really seems like they're trying to make ammends, and will keep my business provided the laptop comes back good to go.

Take care and be safe everyone.