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So, the Drum Mania machine has finally moved out. Which means...


Oddly enough, in the result of things getting moved around, the Espgaluda cab is now more accessable, and people have started playing it again. Which is great, because it's a fantastic shmup. However, it's not my machine.

The cabinet was paid for by Minimoose back at the TGA auction, and then he asked me to hold on to it until 2012, when he'd get out of the Navy. However, he still has yet to contact me. I've sent some feelers out to try and reach him. What sucks is that I can't remember their real name. Hopefully I'll get that info, and then finding him on Facebook should be easy.

However, this brings up that I'd really like to own a Candy/Astro City myself, both for shmups and random fighters. But of course, money issues. Who knows? Maybe I'll luck out and find one super cheap, or have Silver or someone similar make an afro-engineered one.

I'm also trying to get more professional in Magic. I'll post about that later today or tomorrow.

Until next, take care and be safe.