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Of Might and Modern

It's been two days since Drummania got moved out. Oddly enough, as a result of the move, tons of people have been playing Espgaluda. This is both awesome, and also make my heart heavy. I recently reached out to minimoose, who paid for the cab ever so long ago at the TGA auction, to see if he was still going to be collecting it this year, or if I could buy it off him. He's reported back saying he'll be moving to Boston soon, and he'll make a decision then. I'm kind of hoping he wants to sell it, because it's a great vertical cab, which means lots of great shmups, but we'll just have to wait and see.

I said that I was going to talk more about my Magic career, hence the horrible attempt of word play in this entry's title. Ever week that I draft or do some kind of event that isn't sanctioned, I'm essentially throwing money away. If the event was at least sanctioned, it would be tracked, and I'd have some sense of progress. So I've made a decision, and it's probably not going to prove popular amongst my group.

Unless we're playing for prize support or it's sanctioned, I'm not drafting.

My reasoning on this is that I honestly believe that I'm skilled enough to be winning in draft/limited so I might as well profit a bit, even if it is just extra boosters, or have my work tracked and logged. I'm also seriously considering entering the tournament scene, specifically the modern format. I think Candy (my infect deck) while not a popular tourney strategy, is fast and effecient enough to give a lot of people a run for their money.

A friend of mine, who has similar "wanting to do more with their Magic career" intentions alerted me to a Star City open coming up in a little over a month. I've decided that I'll go. However, I'll need to get the remaining fetch lands and Ravnica shock lands, which will be at least $120. I've found some money cards I have that I can sell, but they're only clocking in around $70 on the buylists, but it's still something.

In the next few days I'm going to go online and check out what kind of decks have been placing in the format, just so I have an idea of what I'm up against. Part of me also wants to post Candy online for feedback, but I'm super paranoid of someone netdecking it. Sure, I'm not pro, but I despise netdecking that much.

In other news, thanks to Jav being a gracious benefactor, and me trading in a metric fuckton of stuff, I now own a PS Vita. The unit is fantastic, WipEout is proving to be worth it, and all in all I'm happy. I also got Sumioni, which hasn't been a popular title from the little online that's been posted about it, but I'm really enjoying it. It's essentially "Okami: The Platformer", and makes nice use of both the front and back touch screens. I'm trying to complete it as quickly as possible, as I'd like to write a review for it. With any luck, maybe Thunderbolt would be interested in the review.

Until next, take care and be safe everyone.

PS: If anyone can advise me on manageable Wordpress themes, or someone who can do webdesign for cheaps, let me know. Just found out that Core won't be able to fully deliver on what I'm looking for. I am thankful for this site he's built in the meantime though.