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This is my nap gun

The past week and change has been somewhat blurry. I've had quite a few "I just slept for 12 hours" days among other things that are blurring my sense of time, but here we are.

My keyboard on my laptop is still not fixed. I'm going to be calling Best Buy corporate to say that I've lost faith in their company. Also, once I get a bit of money in, I plan on buying an Ultimate Das Keyboard. It's a bit pricey, but given my typing habits, keyboard usage, and other factors, I honestly think getting such a keyboard will be worth it.

I have to say having my laptop again is fantastic. I'm looking forward to doing more creative stuff, and maybe finally finishing Battlegrounds, my ill fated novel about a fictional arcade. I was stating it as my NaNoWriMo when that same month TGA flooded for the last time. Every time I've gone back to work on it, I've gotten depressed; it's always had an air of "too soon". However, I think I can legitimately work on it now. We'll see.

Having had time with a PS Vita, I can say that the unit is absolutely amazing and worth every penny. Oddly enough, though, I'm not completly sold on WipEout 2048. More on that when I finish playing it.

I know this update isn't terribly content heavy, but I want to get back into doing daily small updates, rather than weekly huge updates. I'll think of a topic to talk about at large for tomorrow. And for those of you reading, please feel free to contact me with any topic suggestions.

Take care and be safe everyone.