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IaLSoS: Part 2 of 3

I wasn't expecting feedback that quickly. Thank you. Also, celebratory IIDX turned into "continuing writing music and play some Minecraft". Good times. Moving on.

So I head out, take Kat to work, and on the way home get into a car accident. Second one in less than a month. I'm guessing living in Apponaug for several years and managing to not get into a car accident has finally caught up with me.

I was heading home approaching the 117/Route 5 intersection, line of stopped cars on the right and me cruising in the left. So when a blue Hyundai Accent tries to turn left, cutting across my lane of traffic and forgetting that it was a thee lane road, I don't have a lot of time to break. Othe Rhode Island drivers? That thing you do where you stop your lane of traffic to let someone out? Cut that shit. This is why.

My car has a minor hole in the bumper and some scuff marks. Internally should be fine. The appraiser hasn't seen it yet since I haven't been sleeping at night and in turn have't been awake for him to check out the car. The Hyundai? Folded like a piece of paper. From the front it looked like it was made of clay and someone smooshed it right to left. He could barely drive it to the Burger King parking lot; I think the bumper was caught on one of the tires.

I call the police, and I'm told that "they're really jumpin'" and it'll be a while. Whatever. Me and Crumpled Hyundai start chatting, and he's a fairly chill guy named Matt. More chatter and some BK later (the police took 30 minutes to arrive. No complaints but goddamn Warwick lay off the domestic disputes) we're almost acting friendly.

Paperwork, official statements and license and registration later Matt's car will need to be towed. I ask how far he is, partly because he's chill enough, and mainly because he's standing there with his snake. He drove up here from Connecticut to see the same vet I do because he's trying to become a professional snake breeder, and no one near him in CT handles snakes well. I've nothing better to do, and it's only about 30min one way, so I offer to give him a lift home.

We chat more as I finish some quick errands and then we head down. He games, mainly Blizzard stuff, and we haven't really chatted since I dropped him off. I'll be texting him this entry tomorrow though (don't want to risk waking him up, it's about 02:31 right now) and see if we don't keep on connecting from their.

I've heard of meeting by accident, but this joke's just too easy. I think I'll save part three for early tomorrow. Either that or later tonight, depending on how I sleep.

Take care and be safe everybody.