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Dickbutt vs. Dumbbutt

Well, that was fun. I got to level up a ton in Disgaea and have a meet and greet with a potential problem.

I was correct in my initial guess; it's a new tenant as of January. Oddly enough, though, it's not the arcade machines, but people talking outside. They're claiming that people coming and going won't be an issue (as I advised some people are coming home from work as late as 4am), but I have a feeling even if we keep everything inside, it's still going to be problematic. Add on to that they are sleeping with their windows open, and are dead set against having them closed, I doubt this'll be the last of this. Topping it off is that they were resiliant to give me any of their contact info, which makes me think they're happier to just keep calling the police rather than actually deal with the issue. I'm not sure how I feel about all this. I have some feelings and sense of validation, in that my guesswork turned out to be correct, but with what I've observed and thinking there'll be trouble down the line, I also feel like it's futile to even bother. Time will tell.

There are some things that I still haven't done. I've yet to finish drafting those beginner piano lessons, and there's some house cleaning that also needs doing. I no longer feel disapointed in myself for not being as productive as I used to be. I want to say it's learned hopelessness, but it's not. It does may me feel worried about just how I'm going to go about getting my bigger goals (learning Japanese, recovering financially, opening an arcade) if I'm having trouble with such small and upfront ones. Once again, time is needed.

Take care and be safe everyone.

PS: Please note the title of this blog has nothing to do with my neighbor. It's my nicknames for two of the villians in Disgaea, which I've been grinding for the past 4 hours.