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Steps and pride

So, for the past 3 days I've managed to wake up on time, shower, and eat a relatively healthy breakfast. Despite not having gotten more cleaning done, I feel proud of myself, and have managed not to feel any negative feelings. I tend to easily get hard on myself, with thoughts of "You're a failure for not getting more done" and "You're faulty for not sticking to you goals". I've managed to keep those thoughts at bay. As stupid or silly as it seems, this is a big deal for me.

There are quite a few people slated to visit today, and I'm making a promise that after they leave, I will do some noticeable work on my bedroom downstairs, sorting what's trash, what's going to Goodwill, and re-doing my bookshelf. I'm also going to practice my guitar for a bit before we head out to Providence Place to help Kat drop off an application to P.F. Chang's. I'm not sure if she is aware of the extent of just how proud I am of her. I'm really hoping this is a start of better things; she deserves them.

On a more nerdy note, I got the ninja Planechase, and I love it. I'm thinking of shelving my Doran EDH and making a ninja one. I've loved the pre-con that came with the Planechase set, and I think it could lots of fun to play. Nothing super brutal, more of a casual, but still lots of fun, which, to be honest, is the point, right? Also the WTF-IIDX Youtube channel is doing very well, in my opinon. Here's hopes that I stick with.

Oh, be sure to check out this swank motherfucker. Super impressed and proud he pulled these off. I'm hoping I channel just a fraction of his sweet arts and hella crafts and make some of my own. I got faith I can do it though.

Take care and be safe kids.