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Walking in daylight

For some reason, I fell asleep extremely early last night. Then again, most people wouldn't consider 3am early, but hey, I'm special. Anyways, something woke me up around 9:30 so I've been up since, running around getting errands done.

I'm writing because I've said over and over I wanted daily entries, and this would be one day after another, so why not. So far this morning has me feeling rather proud of myself. I've gotten some basic tasks done, eaten a healthy breakfast, and I'm about to set off on getting more stuff done. While it could be said that by now I could have more cleaning in the house done, and worked more on musical things (guitar practice, prepping those piano lessons), I don't feel bad. I don't have any real feelings that would bring me down. I find this... elating, in a sense. I think that if I keep moving, that is to say I keep getting stuff done in regards to my errands, when I get back to the house I'll have enough motivational force to plow through what cleaning remains. Huzzah!

In more casual news, Nougat visited yesterday. We initially ran into one another at a Magic draft last week, and made plans to visit. I haven't really seen him since late 2003, back when I was an active DDR player and not at TGA. This was also the time period of when Nougat was king in RI for DDR, and I hung out with Princess Sally and Captain Murphy. Great times. Anyways, Nougat came to visit, along with Spence and Josh, and we played lots of IIDX and Planechase. I have to say I'm fairly pleased with the new Planechase; I'm loving the new ninja deck. Nougat, while he had fun, was somewhat... displeased at how badly Spence and I trounced him in Magic. There are whispers that his next visit will have a lot more deck building and retooling to help him.

Well, that's enough of a rest. Time to get more shit done! Take care and be safe kids!