Shinji's Blog

What'd you see?

So there's a card that sums up how I've felt for a while. The flavor on it reads "Hey, hey! Wake up man. You were under a long time. What'd you see?" "I... don't remember." Moving on.

So. How've you all been? Surviving, I hope? That's what I tell people. When they ask how I'm doing. I say that "I'm surviving" because it's short, simply, and most important, true.

I'm looking back on my entry about razbliuto and I'm finding the writing to be both enjoyable, while echoing what's going in my heart and head that I deem important enough to share. I had such great motivation behind that writing too. Over the past few months, I've been asked several times why this blog hasn't been updated. And it's been because I've had no motivation or voice.

I think I've found it again. Take care and be safe everyone.