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I'd like to talk about what's been going on currently, and also chat at length about to set the scene for what things have been like, let me spin a short tale about one my encounters in the Payday 2 beta I've been grinding away at.

Three random players and I are about to try and rob a bank. With any heist, you can try and be stealthy about it; silence guards, block cameras, keep civilians from calling the police, and so on. But at the bank? It's nigh impossible. So many people start near panic buttons, lots of guards, and so on. But our groups says "Hey, we'll try". So, we mask up and hit the roof. Payday mixes things up every heist. Vaults and cameras might change locations. There might be more or less guards. Keeps you on your toes. And as we take to the roof to enter steathily, there's a guard on the roof. This is something none of us have encountered before.

Panicking, one of our fellow heisters shoots the guard. With an unsilenced pistol. Everyone below in the bank hears us. Before I can comment, in the chat I see one player type in "10/10" and another "NAILED IT!". While hilarious, it gave us a very rough start. I've called the story "GUARD ON ROOF" when re-telling it to friends, but it relates to the past few weeks. While things have been familiar for the most part, there have been some surprises that have been rather disrupting to the normal song and dance.

I've been having a surprisingly difficult bout of insomnia. In fact, I had to call out sick from work yesterday, because I can only survive on three hours of sleep a night for so long before my body quits on me. Thankfully, I slept with immense success yesterday, and I today I feel awake and rested. Hopefully I'll be back on track. However, while I do get insomnia from time to time, usually it's quelled within a day or two. To get from "troublesome" to "roaring" status like it did takes some persistance. Either something is bothering me, or I didn't care enough about it to properly squash it before it grew to a disruptive status. I can say that I did try to keep it at bay and fix my sleep but with no success.

I was chatting with Konig, and he seems convinced that there's something bothering me. While I appreciate his concern and support, I'm not sure he fully understands that sometimes my insomnia isn't just because there's some worry or mental issue keeping me up at night. I think there might be a sliver of truth to it though. I've had a lot of mental focus on my finances the past few weeks, and while things are good, it is a much higher amount of mental traffic than normal. Perhaps it's residuals of that. The only other thing that might be bothering me is that Konig never says that he loves me.

Well, more specifically he never uses any terms of endearment, and any commentary on how he feels on the relationship is something I always have to pry out of him. After discussing things, it's clear that he does indeed care about me and is emotionally invested, but without the regular feedback it's... difficult for me. I think of myself as being more empahetic, and I think I need to hear those little reminders to feel better at ease. But, it's part of his personality, and somewhat of a fault that even he's admitted to. I don't know if it's something that'd would ever work out, and it's not even close to a dealbreaker it does hurt. Perhaps the subconscious worry about if he cares about me that's been bothering me. I'll address it soon enough.

Another surprise is that Clyde is going to moving back in. It's not so much a surprise, it's been in talks for a good month or so, but it's happening right after I manage to get the spare room cleaned up and back in use as a tabletop/card game room. It sucks because the extra space was helping us keep the kitchen clean and as a space for eating. However, if Clyde stays on, the extra rent money will be helpful to the plans I've laid out.

More recently, you might remember that I'm now working with Zink, and so far it's going fantastically well. It launched on Monday, and it was really rocky at first, and the phrase "guard on roof" came to mind. But, it was a launch day, so it was somewhat expected. End of the day though, everyone seemed happy. I'd heard the unit sold well, and everyone on our end, while a bit tired, seemed happy as well. Promising start, and we're all pretty excited for the future on the matter.

Closing things out, and close out my Payday story, the heist went well despite everyone being alerted before we'd even entered the building. And even though I haven't fulled resolved all the possible problems on my plate, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to make it out in one piece, and maybe with some loot to boot.

Take care and be safe, everyone.