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A letter to "Eat Sleep Play"

I recently learned from an article on Kotaku that the new Twisted Metal will have an online pass. While there are both benefits along with the more popular disadvantages to onlines passes, I believe that they are a plague on the industry, as talked about here on Thunderbolt.

So, after much consideration, I wrote "Eat Sleep Play" an email. Here's hoping I get a response.


Hello! I'm hoping this doesn't get lost in the shuffle, and thank you in advance for taking time to read my message.

I've been a huge fan of Twisted Metal since it's beginnings on the PS1. My friends and I spent countless hours playing versus in Twisted Metal 2, and rejoiced at Black, as it both perfectly captured the darker side of TM, and was also a fantastic game (great FPS, music, etc).

I've been extremely excited for Twisted Metal PS3. It looks like many people are pouring their heart and soul into the project, and I'm to see it's not being rushed and will truly deliver for newcomers and fans of the franchise alike.

Forgive me, but I wish to give some backstory so what I'm about to say next will hopefully have the proper impact. I've been between jobs for over a year, and using what was my retirement to pay for my medical and other bills. Things have been really tough. However, being a gamer, I allow myself 1-2 titles a year. For 2012 it looks like I'll only be able to afford one game, and I've chosen TM PS3. I also try to stay a little more in tune with more meta and political things in the industry, and I'm sure you're aware of the issues and ire online passes are stirring up.

I recently read on Kotaku that TM PS3 will have na online pass, and it sounds like this is more Sony's decision than yours. Regardless of whom made the final call, the fact remains your title will have an online pass. To quote the Kotaku article "In December, Jaffe had argued that the game's heavy multiplayer focus makes it important that gamers face as few barriers to getting online as possible. Evidently, Sony had other priorities."

So, despite the hardship I'm facing financially I had enough excitement and hope for your title, it is with a heavy heart I will not be buying your game, and actively discouraging friends to purchase it as well, as I believe the hard online passes cause outweigh their benefits.

I am hoping to hear from you on both this issue and my decision, as I'd love this to be a two way discussion and get your thoughts on the issue.

Thank you for your time in reading this, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care and be safe,