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Well, that was quick

About two weeks ago I met a someone at the local Taco Bell I haunt. He commented on my Magic: the Gathering hoodie, I flashed my planeswalker symbol tattoo, and we chatted for a bit. Two days ago, we bump into each other again. However, in our opening conversation clichés, lightning struck.

"So, how goes it with you?"

"Eh, I've been better. I need to find a place to live ASAP...

Rest of the conversation according to eye witness testamony

So, we agree to meet at my house for around 19:30 or 20:00ish to hang out for a bit so I can make sure he won't stab me in my sleep, and that IIDX and the crowd it brings won't scare him off. 21:00 he shows up having walked a good stretch of Rt117 after his ride fizzle and his phone died. Turns out he likes music games, loves techno, and is trying to get back into gaming.

And then he mentioned he'd never been to Denny's. It was like taking candy from a baby.

So, a four hour meal at Denny's later, we're hoping to have the rest of the house cleaned up and have him moved in by the end of the week. On top of this, I had a great appointment with my sleep specialist (likely my last visit unless shit hits the fan later on in life) and I'm on track to start journaling/blogging/etc and dropping soda and tons of other stuff. Here's hoping I'm soon healthy enough to hold a job again.

Here's hoping some of my good fortune rubs off on you. Take care and be safe!