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Operation: That Couch Was A Bitch

A lot of things have happened in the past two days. For starters, that couch. Holy fucking hell that couch.

Fun for the whole family!
We had remove part of the door frame to get it to squeeze through the door frame. And by we, it was Aaron and I going at it with a hammer and chisel, and then after re-moving the couch back into a sleepable position in the kitchen having Greg come over the next day.

A note about Greg: He's a one man miracle. He helped re-paint my house when I first got it, in addition to finishing the basement, installing a new sink in the bathroom, and so on. With what was embarrassing speed for Aaron and I, the frame got remove, couch moved in, and frame replaced. Yeehaw. Later that night, what gang was assembled celebrated the event at Denny's.

Between the door and couch getting resolved and going to Denny's,the rest of Saturday was fairly uneventful. Our group would have gone to Comic Doctor, but while I was doing some exercise at my Mom's, someone *cough*Aaron*cough* failed to transfer my wash into the drier, so I came home to no clean clothes. Huzzah. Although, I did get in a 40 minute work out and burned about 900 calories. A legit huzzah for that!

Eventually, the Comic Doctor people made their way over to the house, and the usual games of Magic, IIDX and BlazBlue ran their course. Today was more of the same. I did buy a Dark Ascension fat pack, and cracked some miscellaneous cards that other people wanted, and made some minor trades (mainly for random shinies and good utility cards like Harrow). I felt awful that nothing really transpired between Azure and I; he drives up from Connecticut for what purpose? I love having him around the house, and he seems to enjoy himself (he's almost done with Lincle Kingdom!), but I wish there was a more definitive activity we were engaging in. There's been chatter of possibly making a game, but I'm unsure if that will ever come to fruition.

Positive notes include that I actually went and exercised on my Mom's elliptical, and I've had healthy food yesterday and today. More specifically, glass of V8 and strudels for breakfast, toasted sandwiches for lunch or dinner, and cereal as snacks. With two days in a row, here's hoping I can get a new habit in place.

I'm hoping tomorrow to get some more cleaning done, and get my keyboard setup in a more permanent fashion, among other things. We'll see what the day brings.

Until then, take care and be safe.