Shinji's Blog

Combo is continuing!

So far this morning is off to an amazing start. I've only been up for about 4 hours and I've been kicking ass. I got up on time at noon, and had a healthy breakfast which was a bowl of Total, glass of V8 fusion, and a strudel. I then got banking errands taken care of, and burned 950 calories on my mom's elliptical.

Despite that there's a decent posse here playing BlazBlue and IIDX, I'm hoping to get some stuff moved around / put away so I can get my keyboard set up. There's a Homestuck music contest, and despite only having a few days left, I have some awesome ideas I can't wait to act on. More on that once I've started actualizing the ideas.

So here's to keeping on rolling, and take care and be safe in the meantime.